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Why TaskValue?

World-Class Processes

We offer the complete range of precisely crafted business processes for:

  • marketing

    Content marketing

  • leads

    Inbound/Outbound leads

  • sales


  • nurturing

    Lead nurturing

  • development

    Product development

Versatile Platform

With the perfect blend of creativity, market awareness and technological know-how, we offer the
most flexible, feature-rich platform. Realize your ideas-quicker, cheaper and in-depth:

Multi-Platform Workflows

Seamless integration with external SAAS platforms like Trello, JIRA or SalesForce. Synchronize process steps and extend workflows to effortlessly integrate freelancers, third party companies, external APIs, and even facilitate automations for improved performance.

Productivity at its best

Now create, design, work, monitor, analyze - all through our pragmatic dashboards,
efficient Kanban charts, and intuitively designed analysis screens.


Our platform, Your team

We provide the Launchpad, your team boards it, and right there - you are all set for the stars. Technically, processes are executed on our platform and tasks can be assigned to your staff, collaborators or be automated.


The Big Picture

See the X-Ray of your business! Analyze your overall performance through end-to-end visibility of processes. See which channels or segments are performing better and how costs relate to outcomes.

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